New filtering

Extra filters have been installed on our
secondary systems (only).
The result is very visible on the connections disposition graph.

New Filtering 2006-10-22

Additional filtering has been added to our secondary Mail eXchanger systems,
refusing connections from non-verifying rDNS and from non-verifying HELO names.
These filters are not applied on the primary system, and not on the secondaries should the
primary become unavailable.

The effect of the new filtering is very visible on the front-page graph.

Premium customers can select filtering on HELO verification on a per-account
basis; this applies to the primary system, and would be expected to cut off
quite a lot of current types of spam. It is not suitable for everyone, unfortunately,
as many legitimate mail sources are badly-configured in this regard.
We may offer rDNS-verification filtering at a later date.

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