Tidymail Services and Port Numbers

Your username is always your fully qualified email address, eg user@scootmail.com.

We have a secure web interface you can surf to to read & send your email.

You can also use a traditional email client to send and receive email. Your username and password should be used to authenticate both for sending and receiving email.

We now require the use of secure connections both for sending and receiving mail.

Collecting Email

  • Incoming Mail Server
    • imap.tidymail.co.uk  (even if you collect via POP)
  • Incoming Mail Protocols
    • Secure IMAP on port 993
    • IMAP with TLS on port 143
    • Secure POP3 on port 995
    • POP3 with TLS on port 110 (NB: POP3 does not support folders)

Sending Email

  • Outgoing Mail Server
    • post.tidymail.co.uk
  • Outgoing Mail Protocol
    • SMTP/TLS on port 587 (preferred)
    • SMTP/TLS on port 25
    • SMTP over SSL on port 465

If you have special requirements for ports, protocols, encryption or authentication please contact the helpdesk.