Monthly Archives: December 2008

Unplanned outage

We took a one-hour hit starting just after midnight today.

Apparently the psu blew in one box in one of our supplier’s racks, and took the whole rack out.  I guess a breaker tripped.  Our 2MX went down, and that system is also the outbound used by most of our customers (we’d prefer they used the 1MX, actually).  Worse, the routers upstream from us went out – so although the 1MX stayed up, the outside world couldn’t get to it!

Sorry, everyone.  All well now.

New player

Behaviour change in the incoming connections this week; dumb and easily detected (and rejected).

I smell some new junkware out there, which hasn’t had the rough edges knocked off it yet.

The ramp-up continues, but it’s nowhere near back to the autumn rate yet.