What is Tidymail

Tidymail is designed to offer a comprehensive solution to both the individual and business communities.

  • Retrieve your mail via Secure Web, POP, Secure POP, IMAP, Secure IMAP. The most common mail provision for individual user accounts.
  • Filtered SMTP for your existing mail server. Typically for companies already operating a mail server, but wishing to reduce the burden of maintaining filters.
    If you need a feed on a nonstandard port, or an ETRN feed, please discuss this with us.
  • Send your mail via Authenticated SMTP from anywhere. Even on providers that filter port 25. Encrypted access is also available as standard; recommended when working in a hotel or coffeeshop.
  • Read and send mail via our Secure webmail interface, from anywhere with web access.
  • Anti-Virus filtering. Always on, always current. Outbound also checked, to give you early warning of infection.
  • Choose your own filters and DNSBLs. Or combine them with our range of centrally maintained filters. Filters can block mail, divert to a seperate folder, or mark up the mail Subject.
  • Multiple account names, with forwarding or copying to other accounts. Forwarding is on a per-folder basis, and can be to any email address in the world.
  • Inbound & Outbound Archive for Domains. We can provide a monthly archive of all inbound and authenticated outbound email on CD or DVD. The easy way to fulfill the legal requirement to maintain records of company correspondence.
  • Combination Services, for the dispersed office. Mix and match the above services to provide the solution for your business. For instance, take a filtered SMTP feed for most of your accounts but have individual accounts for home-workers and road-warriors.
  • Domain mapping. For getting all your users to apparently have their names both in company-A.com and company-B.co.uk

For enquiries about our Email services please contact sales@tidymail.co.uk

What we don’t do
  • We don’t offer infinite storage. 100MB per account is standard. If you need more please contact us to discuss your requirements.
  • We don’t offer spammer support services. If you need bulletproof hosting, please go elsewhere.