Tidymail and Thunderbird

First, open Thunderbird.

You should be presented with a screen that resembles the following

If you are also presented with a window announcing New Account Setup proceed immediately to the next step.

  1. Select the Local Folders item.
  2. Select the Create a new account option.

  1. Ensure Email account is selected.
  2. Select Next

  1. Enter the human name you will be using, e.g. John Smith.
  2. Enter the email address you will be using, e.g. john@scootmail.com.
  3. Select Next

  1. Ensure the POP3 option is selected (this is the default).
  2. Enter imap.tidymail.co.uk for the Incoming Server option.
  3. Enter post.tidymail.co.uk for the Outgoing Server option.
  4. Select Next

  1. Enter your full email address, eg john@scootmail.com, for the Incoming User Name option.
  2. Enter your full email address, eg john@scootmail.com, for the Outgoing User Name option.
  3. Select Next

  1. Ensure the Account Name is something you’d like the account to be known as.
  2. Select Next

  1. Ensure Download messages now is not selected.
  2. Select Finish

This concludes the first part of setting up Thunderbird to work with Tidymail.

At this point you should be able to receive email, and if you have a Wizards internet connection you may be able to send email. But to get the best from this server you need to make some adjustments to your account which will allow you to send from anywhere, and to encrypt the connections from your computer to our servers.

So, come along to the next page and read about Securing Your Connections To Tidymail in Thunderbird