Monthly Archives: January 2012

Securing your account from prying eyes

We have always provided and encouraged the use of secure, encrypted communications to our servers but there have been recent events that have highlighted not only the importance of using encrypted links, but also ensuring that only trusted links are used.

As you may have read in various tech-press articles like this one configuring your email client to default to secure connections may not be enough to ensure the link was really secure since many clients when faced with blocked secure link silently fell back to insecure mode, allowing anyone in the path to read the id, password and email content.

We are pleased to announce that you can configure your account to ensure that even if your client falls back to insecure mode we will reject any connection attempt like an invalid account/password.

You can set these controls on your account by visiting the Email Security Controls page and setting the options to Yes.

You may also need to ensure your email client is set to use either “TLS” or “SSL” or “Encrypted” links and that it is connecting to the correct port.  Details of the preferred ports can be found here and configuration guides for various email clients can be found here

Please note that the third option on the page “Send from Authenticated Connections Only” is currently only of use for those remaining customers who are sending from permitted relay-ip address. This was the old mechanism for sending email where we simply trusted the IP address and is being phased out over the next few months.


Mail Quota increased for all Full Accounts

We are pleased to announce that we have increased the mail quota for all Full account users to 500MB.

Following our system upgrades last year and extensive testing of the further stability improvements we have been able to increase the available storage for all our Full Account users as part of the standard offering.

Your current usage can be found by enquiring of the Mail Folder Usage web page or it may be presented by your email client.  It can also be seen at the bottom of the folder list in the webmail client.