Tidymail DNS Settings

If you’re moving your email service to be hosted by Tidymail but you are not hosting your DNS with us then you’ll need to know the settings.

For a domain like example.com you will need the following entries

; The inbound routing records

@     IN  MX  10  smtp.tidymail.co.uk.
      IN  MX  20  relay2.tidymail.co.uk.
      IN  MX  99  relay99.tidymail.co.uk.

; And a selection of client auto-configuration records
; Microsoft clients (approx 2007 onwards)
; can auto-configure with the following
; which will retrieve our dns service entries

_autodiscover._tcp      IN      CNAME   tidymail.co.uk.

; Thunderbird auto-configuration
autoconfig              IN      CNAME   tidymail.co.uk.
; causes fetch of https://tidymail.co.uk/mail/config-v1.1.xml

Please do not use 3rd-party providers to give additional inbound service as this will simply guarantee extra junk mail.