Monthly Archives: October 2009

New blocking for phish & virus

We’ve just rolled out new code to block certain spam message types which either contain newly morphed trojans or point to sites which ask you to download trojans under false pretences, or just infect your machine if you visit.

The most recent types of these have been

  • “Server upgrade” pointing to updates.yourdomain.dodgydomain/…./…exe
  • Western Union Money Transfer
  • DHL Express Services undelivered parcel
  • ecards
  • HMRC Unreported/Underreported Income

Needless to say none of these actually come from the companies and institutions involved.

Our apologies to our customers who have received these sorts of email prior to this rollout. We always endeavour to avoid inaccurate blocking so before making these sorts of change we have to check carefully that these filters don’t have an adverse effect on genuine email.

And if you are still getting these sorts of email do please let us know at the helpdesk address.