Message Delivery Control

This page allows you to choose where how your mail is delivered based on how it has been tagged by the main reception process. The categories that you have are

  • Normal – This is messages that have not been explicitly marked for acceptance or as spam.
  • Accept – This is messages that have been marked for acceptance.
  • Warning – This is messages that have been marked for warning or spam.

For each message category you can specify both a folder to store the message in, and any previously confirmed external email address to forward the message to.

If you choose to edit one of the message categories you will be presented with a form where you can choose which folder on the server matching messages should be stored in, and/or which email address to forward to. If you have no confirmed email addresses you must choose one of the folders for storage. If you have selected to forward to a confirmed email address then you can choose not to store anything locally by selecting None as the folder.

Recommended Settings

POP Users

If you fetch your email using the POP protocol you should select Inbox for all three message categories.

To enable your email client to sort the messages after they have been fetched the message category (if the message was matched as Accept or Warn) can be found in a message header line X-Deliver-Tag and the value will be either accept or spam.

IMAP Users

If you fetch your email using the IMAP protocol then you can store the different categories in different folders.

Webmail Users

If you access your email using our Webmail interface then you can also take advantage of the different folders.