Account Status

This page shows the details of your account. The various items displayed are


Account ID

This is the mail address people use to send mail to you, and also is the name for the account you use to log in. You will need to log in to either read or send mail; this may be via the webmail interface or it may be configured into a mail client on your own computer (Outlook, Pegasus, Mozilla, Eudora and the like).

Include both parts of the address, before and after the “@” symbol, for both logging in and for sending mail.


Account Name

This is the name by which you would like people to know you. Computers will transmit this but not attempt to interpret it.


Account Type

We offer three types of account:

  • Fetch-only: send and receive mail, no configurable filtering.
  • Light user: as above, plus choose from list of preconfigured filters.
  • Full user: as above, plus personalisable filtering.


Current Mailbox Quota

Accounts may store a limited amount of mail on our systems. The standard account is permitted to use fifty megabytes of storage. When your usage is approaching the limit a warning mail will be sent to you; you should arrange to delete un-needed mails. If your usage goes over the quota we will not accept further mail for the account.


Currently exceeding quota ?

If the value shown is not “0” your account is, or has recently been, storing mail taking up the permitted maximum space. You should check and, if needed, delete un-needed mails from our systems.


Currently used rulesets

This shows which rulesets your account is currently using. Typically it will be a list of one or two items, firstly any public rulesets you have chosen, followed by the default ruleset for your account. Rulesets you own can be edited, those you do not own can only be viewed. If you choose to view or edit a ruleset the name of the ruleset will be displayed at the top of the main box.


Rulesets owned

This shows the rulesets you own. By default you will only see your default ruleset.