Configuring Your Client for Tidymail

Configuring Apple Mail
outlook iconConfiguring Outlook
Windows_Live_MailConfiguring Microsoft Windows 8.1 Mail
Windows_Live_MailConfiguring Microsoft Live Mail
Configuring Microsoft Outlook Express
MetroUI-Folder-OS-OS-Android-iconConfiguring Android
Configuring Firefox/Mozilla
Configuring Thunderbird
Pegasus Mail iconConfiguring Pegasus Mail
Screen Shot 2014-02-16 at 21.04.50Configuring VPOP3
General Server & Configuration Details
ios_mail_iconFor automatic configuration of IOS devices – ipads, iphones and similar devices can configure them selves by just visiting this URL – – and putting in your mailbox username and password. NOTE this makes a NEW config, if you have a config for your a/c on your iphone already, remove it then use the URL to re-create it.