Monthly Archives: March 2010

Rejects search facility

We’ve added a facility for Wizmail (not Tidymail yet) users to search for items for them which were rejected.  Most of these should be spam, but if you’ve been expecting a particular item which has not arrived, or if you just want to get a general flavour of the spam we’re rejecting on your behalf, the information is there.  It’s pretty raw, being just lines selected from our logs.

This is only a beta service; we might change it or withdraw it once we have some experience of how well (or not) it works.  One thing it will not show is rejects where we decided we didn’t like the sending system even before it got as far as telling us the item recipient.  It doesn’t handle aliases or catchalls either.

To use the service you must have your mail client configured to authenticate, so that we know what name to search the logs for.  Send a mail to – the subject and content will be ignored and can be blank.  You should get sent a mail with selected lines from our logs.

Each line should include a date & time, an IP address in square brackets (of the sending system) and a sender name in the form F=<user@domain> (NB: this is the envelope from, not the header from).  There should also be a reason for rejection.

We’ll be interested in your comments on this facility.   Mail to

If all goes well we’ll roll out to Tidymail soon.

Additional – it turns out to be a really good idea to put as a known-address, with an accept on it.  Otherwise, a URL or phone-number which caused a content-based rejected, and got logged, will result in the rejection of the mail containing the log lines….