Monthly Archives: May 2014

All Secure, Only Secure

A little later than planned, and after a month of hectic changes, reviews and audits we have finally flipped the switch and disabled all insecure login methods.

If you were previously fetching your email successfully and it no longer appears to be working then this will be the reason.  You need to adjust the configuration of your email client to connect securely for both send and receive.

Details of the hostnames/ports that should be connected to are available on the Tidymail Services and Port Numbers page. But the summary is that any existing insecure configuration should be adjusted to require SSL or TLS.

Most of our client configuration guides contain details on how to configure securely and we can advise for other client software not listed; just email us at

As we noted in our original announcement back in December the security landscape has changed over the past 18 months, not only in its visibility and public awareness but also in regards to the importance of vigilance and good security practice.

 Security is a process not a checkbox.