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Downtime last weekend & Missing emails

This a short post to cover the basic of the events over the last 72 hours. Once I’ve caught up on some sleep I’ll go over this posting and prepare another if there’s anything I missed. Read more »

Emergency Downtime – 2009-07-05

We are going to be taking an outage on our primary machines this Sunday to replace some disks that are being problematic.

We will take each machine down in turn to ensure that there is always a machine for incoming email, but mail will not be available to fetch/read whilst your primary machine is down.

This is a precautionary measure as we have properly configured RAID systems to ensure availability so no data will be lost and these drives could normally be replaced without downtime, but we have some configuration updates to install that will require at least a reboot so we are combining the events to minimise the downtime.

The outages will commence sometime after 14:00 on Sunday and we hope to complete by 18:00 though some overrun on individual services may occur.