Monthly Archives: July 2011

Upgrades complete

We successfully upgraded the main systems yesterday. All systems are now updated to level designed to give major stability for several years to come.

This completes our major operating system upgrade project and now lets us move forward in improving the features and quality of service we provide.


Downtime 2011-07-30 2011-07-31

We will be taking downtime on most machines on Saturday 2011-07-30 starting at 14:00 BST (13:00 UTC)

We will be working through the various machine upgrades sequentially, but ensuring that where possible there is always backup services at least for inbound email.

Depending on how these upgrades go we may delay some upgrades until Sunday afternoon.

Notice of Downtime – 2011-07-30 2011-07-31

We will be taking several hours downtime on each of our main hosting machines next weekend to perform major OS upgrades.

We will be able to give details of exactly when later this week after we coordinate with our hosters regarding access.

The plan is for each machine to be out for no more than a couple of hours. And we will sequence the updates in such a way that incoming email is always deliverable, even if final delivery for reading it is delayed.

These upgrades are the concluding steps in our ongoing upgrade of our various machines with the aim of providing a stable platform for our mail and blog services for at least the next five years.